About Diana

These are the writings, doodles, and photographs of Diana Rose Lindahl, also known as the person writing these very words. MeI can’t say I’m much for writing/speaking/thinking in third person, so let’s just forget that idea for now–shall we? You have to be pretty darn important to write in third person.

But I’m just a 22-year old girl, living with her darling husband and ferocious feline in a studio apartment in Bellingham, Washington. Adam and I met and spent our pre-engagement relationship while living outside of Anchorage, Alaska. We were engaged in Montana Grizzly on the Alcan(Adam’s home-state and where his parents are) after a very long and incredible drive down the Alaska Canada Highway (aka, the Alcan) along with Adam’s awesome Dad. The drive took four days and we saw heaps and heaps of amazing animals; I couldn’t believe my own Married!true eyes. We saw grizzly bears AND a black bear (and much more)–it was like a glorious dream. But I digress. We were married 6 months later in California, where my lovely family resides. *side note, another beauteous drive (although drastically shorter and less on the roadtreacherous than the Alcan) was our adventure after the wedding, on the road from Sacramento to Bellingham for 16 hours with the cat (Juvenaly) as our companion.

Specifics about me:
I like dreaming and planning and writing and photographing. I’m known to be called a dreamy idealist–whatever that means! You can often find me arranging and re-arranging the art on our walls while listening to the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack or Iron & Wine or Billie
Holiday or something else I suppose. I like rain, jaggedy mountains, wildflowers, Victorian
my whaleand Romantic literature, polkadotted things, my husband’s giggle, open spaces, humpback whales (see my tattoo), bears, foxes, rabbits, horses (and riding and working with them),
portraits of real and make-believe people, taking photographs of my husband, taking photos of adam and jthe cat lying on various objects, letters in the mail, handmade things, folk music, old things and searching for them, Wes Anderson films, books and movies that lack plot but are heavy in atmosphere,
making lists, spending hours in Ikea, sending special packages, burrowing my face in the cat’s belly, driving places with my husband, and basically just being anywhere and doing anything with said husband.

I also have Crohn’s Disease. I don’t usually talk about that with the world outside of my husband and family and close friends, but I decided upon making this blog that I would write about even my Crohn’s Disease. Because in all honesty, it’s an auto-immune disease that I have yet to be able to handle, and it affects my life deeply every moment of the day. I suppose that’s something I should include in a blog, yes?christ

Did you get all that? But more than anything, we (as in Adam and me) are Eastern Orthodox Christians and are deeply passionate about Christ and His Church. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot about that.

Adam is playing a funny game called “Plants vs. Zombies” and I think he wants me to watch him. So I’d better say ta-ta and leave this rather-long “About Me” be.

And now he’s playing the song “Africa” by Toto. For what reason, I have no idea. This is life. Oh, but I love it so.


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