Days of Quiet Typing, Pen-scratching, and Yelping in Pain, or “How Doughnuts Don’t Actually Solve All Your Problems”

Hello Readers and other figments of my imagination,

Today has been a day of pain, and for what seems like the first time in this relationship, it wasn’t even mine. (Well, I guess that’s kind of a lie because I still had my Crohns-y stomach pains this morning, and I still had my typical afternoon-headache.) But alas, my unexpecting poor husband is suffering a very unexpected pain.

This morning, Adam threw his back out. Oh gee whilickers, I’m sorry to say it’s true. He was getting ready for work and came out of the bathroom looking like an 80-year old man who slipped on a wintery ice patch. (Sorry for that morbid image. I sincerely hope said make-believe man is okay.)

My poor dear subsequently did not go to work today. “Adam, rest. You’ve hurt yourself, and you’ve been so busy, and you need a day of rest.” I thoroughly believe all of those things, but apparently Adam does not, because he has spent the whole day thus far writing his papers for the Saint Stephen’s Course. But I can’t fault him for that, because as of this morning he still had three papers to write and only one week to write them in. Oh well, at least he’s in the comforts of home.

And also the comforts of…doughnuts. Rocket Donuts, to be exact.
If you’ve ever been to Bellingham, then you must know of Rocket Donuts. At the very least, you’ve seen the giant Rocket at the corner of W. Holly and Bay.
If you’ve never been to Bellingham: let me tell you about Rocket Donuts. And you should know, there’s a giant rocket on the corner of W. Holly and Bay St.

As much as I wish it were so, I’m not going to pretend that Rocket Donuts makes the best doughnuts in the world, or that they are impressively inexpensive or anything like that. In reality, they are good doughnuts that are slightly over-priced. But you can’t argue with their marketing. The rocket theme is pretty darn exciting. And don’t get me wrong, the doughnuts taste pretty good too.

At any rate, after Adam got established at the dining room table this morning with his laptop and books to start a-writin’, I decided to put a smile on his face and dissolve his problems by getting him a Rocket Donut.

I threw on my Alaska sweatshirt and my green corduroy jacket with the “Bear Friend Society” patch I ironed on the pocket, and went on a walk for some doughnuts.

I snapped a photo of the famous rocket with my Instax. As you can see, it was a drizzly, overcast morning.

I got Adam a giant doughnut with white icing and multi-colored sprinkles, and I got myself a little red velvet doughnut with icing and pink drizzles. They really hit the spot.

But unfortunately, the doughnut did not actually solve Adam’s problems. He still consistently felt (and periodically yelped with) back pain, and still had many, many words to write. But I must say, he’s gotten quite a lot done and his spirits seem to be in the upwards direction. So job well done, sprinkled doughnut. And thanks to you too, Ibuprofen.

I got to enjoy my red-velvety delight with a mug of great English tea while I edited Adam’s papers. We’ve got a resident spelling/grammar adviser in this apartment. And it’s me.

But I think Juvenaly might try to claim that title for himself.

Feel free to please send your prayers Adam’s way. He really can’t be having back issues right now. (Though when is it ever convenient?) Also, it just hurts him a lot, and that makes me terribly sad.

In other news:

I got another “Letter In The Mail” today.

The Rumpus is a really wonderful website for writers and readers. They do reviews for great indie books, they do interviews with authors, they post comics, and a lot more too. But what I think is the coolest thing they do is this: Letters In The Mail. It was something I wanted to partake in for a while, and my dear husband subscribed me to it as a Christmas present! Basically, they get various authors to write letters to readers, and you get copies of said letters in the mail twice every month. I love it because A) letters from writers are inspiring, and B) it’s literally always fun to get something special in your mailbox.

I keep a nifty binder of all of mine.

Also, the Rumpus does Letters In The Mail for kids too! How sweet and cute is that?

Looks like the husband is awaking from his writing-coma. The evening is still young! What will be in store?

Happy Friday to all! Have a lovely weekend.


2 thoughts on “Days of Quiet Typing, Pen-scratching, and Yelping in Pain, or “How Doughnuts Don’t Actually Solve All Your Problems”

  1. Dede February 21, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    What a snug life you are living, my dear. Me too. Nothing like a little pain to exagerate the joy…of course being quite sure to clearly focus on the joy part. Contrast–good in art, interior decor, and life in general. That pink drizzle just might have been too much sweet on sweet.
    Stay snug. 😉


    • dianaroselindahl February 24, 2015 / 5:18 pm

      Snug! I love that description of our life. We live a snug life, indeed, and I do like it that way. 🙂 Best wishes to you for snugness and as little pain as possible!


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