This Quiet Morning, or “A Very First Blog Entry”

Why hello.morning Juvenaly
It’s a quiet morning today. That’s not so different from most mornings, but today it is different because I am wide awake. As in, I’m not just trying to be awake because I feel like I should, but actually, I’m quite awake, and I don’t think I could change it if I tried.

There is something very attractive about the current place we call homeAnd when I say attractive, I mean it’s got some serious flaws, but it works for us now, and we are very grateful for it. And dare I say, I love it.

We live in a teensy-tiny studio apartment. The three of us: Adam–>my husband, Juvenaly–>our orangeish and cross-eyed cat, and me–>Diana.

This apartment building isn’t old and isn’t filled with much character, but it is in a prime location and serves us very well for now. There’s lots of energy and lots of great food just footsteps away. Our studio’s view, however, is an alleyway, which is fairly noisy and currently overtaken by an unbelievably loud garbage truck. But what can I say, I do so appreciate garbage trucks. Let’s not pretend we’d prefer to take care of our own muck.

Also: seagulls. Heaps of seagulls in our alleyway. Little Juvenaly loves to sit on his chasing seagullscat tree and paw at the big sliding glass door that looks out onto the alley. He jumps up high and wishes with all his might that he may be able to leap onto the back of one of those huge gulls. Sorry, Juvenaly. You are indeed a big dreamer.

It’s February, so although we aren’t in the depths of winter, it’s still decently dark here in the morning and early evening. It’s cloudy and gloomy right now as well, so our studio has that pleasant early and quiet feel to it, which I truly adore. A cold, grey light comes from the outside, and the inside is lit with only two lamps–both warm and a deep yellow (my favorite). It’s a lovely morning.

Our studio may be tiny, but we’ve stuffed it to the brim with good things. Many paintings and prints and photographs and old things and books and books and books. Not to mention our icon corner, which is becoming rather large. (Ourmorning Eastern Orthodox icons…We are Orthodox Christians, which I am sure to write about often!)

Time is already ticking by and I’ve yet to make a pot of coffee. Honestly, it will most likely be tea because my body hasn’t been agreeing with coffee lately. Sad news, indeed! (Too much information?)

I shall leave this first blog post as it is. It’s not really much of a warm welcome or greeting, but I hope it serves as a proper-enough introduction!

Wishing everyone a beautiful day and a cozy warm beverage for those in the cold.


3 thoughts on “This Quiet Morning, or “A Very First Blog Entry”

  1. Adam February 14, 2015 / 5:21 am

    Looks like a happy life you have!


    • dianaroselindahl February 14, 2015 / 5:53 am

      I have a reader, World, and it’s my husband.
      Thank you dear husband. That’s love.


  2. Gordon C. Stewart March 2, 2015 / 11:34 am

    I love this. I once had a cross-eyed cat with a crooked tail. Love that cat. This morning I published a post about one of the great preachers of American history, George Whitefield, described by a PBS documentary as “slender, cross-eyed, and handsome.”


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